How can you stay outside, there is a beautiful mess inside..

Born and raised in mainland China

Currently live in Hong Kong


Major in English & Education

Interested in a whole lotta different things including:

  • watching movies (Romantic comedy mostly),
  • playing chess (both Chinese chess and international chess),
  • thinking about how other people think of me,
  • make-up and stuff,
  • worrying about my future,
  • reading books but don’t really think about what they are about,
  • dealing with my Peter Pan Syndrome,
  • and tons of other stuff……

This blog actually consists of three different blogs (one in tumblr, one in diandian and itself), therefore, you might find funny pictures, Chinese articles and some childish things I wrote.

How often do I update my blog highly depends on my mood, and I am kinda a negative optimist, so..hard to tell..

Based on the statistics that I got, there are people from all over the world except China (cuz they blocked it in mainland China) reading my blog, mostly from USA, and some from Europe. But most of the things I wrote are in Chinese, so I apologize if you clicks into my website and only to find a whole page of strange characters, must be a bummer, huh?

That’s about it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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