Chapter 11: A night of eating and drinking

這一章真心沒看懂. 什麽hotel existence啦什麽the black hole we call the world啦imaginary Edens啦the inner refuge啦Utopia啦..

暫且引些自以為還精彩的句子和Tom& Harry一些conversation和定義什麽的好啦.

–That goes without saying, the world stinks. Everyone knows that. But we do our best to avoid that, dont we?

–No we dont. We are right in the thick of it, whether we like it or not. It’s all around us, and every time i lift my head and take a good look at it, I’m filled with disgust. Sadness and disgust.

A place to live life on your own terms.–The imaginary Edens revisited.

The place a man goes to when life in the real world is no longer possible.–Inner refuge.



#多年不長進 想到就心酸#