Chapter 6: On rascals. & Chapter 7: In the flesh.

Once a rascal, always a rascal, people dont change.

Con men and tricksters run the world, and rascals rule. You know why? Because they are more hungrier than we are. Because they know what they want. Because they believe in life more than we do.


People say lots of things, but that doesnt mean they have any intention of doing them.

By the time a man gets to our age, he’s a little more than a series of ex-es.

Tom had warned me that his boss was a man filled with contradictions and surprises, but in the context of such a farcical and rambunctious conversation, I found it baffling that he suddenly should have seen fit to confide in a total stranger.

Asking forgiveness from someone is a complicated affair, a delicate balancing act between stiff-necked pride and tearful remorse, and unless you can truly open up to the other person, every apology sounds hollow and false.

I’m not a heavy drinker, but there are moments in a man’s life when alcohol is more nourishing than food.

前幾章好沒意思, 前幾天看完之後一直在猶豫要不要寫….就貼這些好了…==#真任性啊!


P.S.: 亞馬遜上的中文版的也來了, 一種想偷懶的feel立馬油然而生, 哼唧..==


6th, Aug, 2012