Chapter 2

1. Back when I was his age, I had hoped to follow a path similar to the one my nephew had chosen. Like him, I had majored in English at college, with secret ambitions to go on studying literature or perhaps take a stab at journalism, but i hadnt had the courage to pursue either one. Life got in the way–two years in the army, work, marriage, family responsibilities, the need to earn more and more money, all the muck that bogs us down when we dont have the balls to  stand up for ourselves–but i had never lost my interest in books.

2. Reading was my escape and my comfort, my consolation, my stimulant of choice: reading for the pure pleasure of it, for the beautiful stillness that surrounds you when you hear an author’s words reverberating in your head.

3. No one ever talkes about Poe and Thoreau in the same breath. They stand at the opposite ends of American thought. But that’s the beauty of it. A drunk from the South–reactionary in his politics, aristocratic in his bearing, spectral in his imagination. And a teetotaler from the North—radical in his views, puritanical in his behavior, clear-sighted in his work. Poe was artifice and the gloom of midnight chambers. Thoreau was simplicity and radiance of the outdoors. (….) Call them parallels, call them coincidence, but these external facts are less important than the inner truth of each man’s life. In their own wildly idiocyncratic ways, each took it upon himself to re-invent America.

—-Paul Auster

本來還想說點什麽的, 看Nat和Tom在討論那一段的時候覺得真心精彩, 結果精彩勁兒還沒過 就看到說Tom居然現在在那個二手店裡面工作, 瞬間沒心情了…

明天接著看Chapter 3什麽的看看到底Tom身上發生了神馬大轉變.

P.S.: 不知道自己一天兩三個小時才看一個Chapter這種速度, 這書什麽時候能看完, 在亞馬遜上訂了中文版, 到時候兩個一起看什麽的 可能就更慢了….賜我個腦部閱讀加速器吧…….==