Wanna check it out..

seems to be sweet little book that might be able to cheer me up after the mid-term…..

P.S.: There’s an interesting discussion about whether our lives are defined by moments or history in the book that author previously read which is called.

I personally kinda think that our lives are defined by history, which is basically because what happened shapes our thoughts, our decisions and our life tracks. However, what we are or say how we feel is defined by moments…..

didnt make it quite clear…ah..whatever..English is my second language….==!

Book It.

Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary is a dictionary, with one brief entry per page attributing some aspect of the relationship to relevant word plucked from the dictionary.  This is a love story, told in an A through Z series of moments and reflections. Calling it a love story is almost misleading; it’s more appropriate to call this a lover’s story.  Written from the boyfriend’s perspective, each dictionary entry is an ode to something about his girlfriend: her personality traits, his favorite memories, his least favorite memories. This is their love through his eyes, defined by the words he chooses.

This is a quick read worth reading. The last book I read, Louise Erdrich’s Shadow Tag, included an extensive discussion of whether our lives consist of moments. The husband in that book, also an artist, believed we’re defined by moments: the moment we fell in love, the moment we met our best…

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